Why Buy British

British manufacturing has always been held in regards for superior products, high quality and innovation. Despite tough times, the British manufacturing sector remains strong, innovative and optimistic about the future.  

Great British Tack Shop brings many benefits to you as a buyer as well as the industry as a whole because we guarantee that everything we sell has been manufactured in Britain. Have a look at the reasons why:

Benefits of Buying British


Quality in Britain is a lot higher as a result of strict compliance and standards. The manufacturers featured on Great British Tack Shop website have been pre-qualified through the various accreditations they hold as testament to the high quality of products. This also means that the life value of the product is longer.


British companies are renowned globally for innovative thinking and product development. The manufacturers featured here are committed to innovation, and indeed encouraged to innovate by Great British Tack Shop. This means that the products here will always be as advanced as possible within the marketplace.

Faster & Better Service

Buying British means that you wait less time for your product; fast reaction and nimble delivery networks means you get your products a lot faster than ordering from abroad. Customer service, should you require it, is also far superior.

The Bigger Picture

The British economy is still recovering from the greatest recession since the Great Depression. Supporting British manufacturers will aid economic growth as well as employment and skill levels within the industry. The reduced carbon impact of buying ‘locally’ has a significant impact on levies (Carbon Tax) on the economy as well as the environment overall.

We are keen to support home-grown companies through support, business development and encouraged innovation.  We hope you will join us to get better products as well as supporting the British equine industry.


Think British...

Great British Tack Shop supports the development of the British manufacturers within the equine industry for a number of reasons which are all beneficial to you, the buyer, as well as the economy as a whole. Take a look at the reasons, benefits and values of Great British Tack Shop.


Quality products designed and made to last.

This is possibly the leading reason to buy British products.  The British manufacturers choose better quality materials that tend to be more technically appropriate for the product compared to cheaper alternatives.  This has meant that British-designed and made products have earned a first class reputation for quality products that are designed to last.  Long lasting, durable products are essential in the equestrian industry.  Customers demand products that will stand the test of time, subjected to the significant usage they get.

In Britain, design and manufacture are subject to strict quality controls.  British manufactures take pride in the fact they have total control over the quality of their items, with first hand access to factories allowing access to any part of any product manufacturing process allowing for stringent checks and higher standards.

Buying British means buying quality, providing the end user with the best product and using quality materials which will survive for the longest time, giving the value for money we all desire. 

Quality customer service is also a strong value within British manufacturers. From keeping you informed of your delivery status to prompt action should you need to make contact.

Long term value 

High performance products with longevity and durability, that gives long-term value

British-designed products are designed to last and made with materials and production techniques that ensure this.  Many Equestrian items endure a lot of heavy use and need to stand the test of time, usage, not to mention the weather.

Cost savings may be made by purchasing an imported, cheaper alternative, but in the long-term, such cost-savings can be eaten up by time and money spent on repairs and the likelihood of replacing the item sooner.

British manufactures take pride in designing and making products that are developed to have a long life and choosing British brings long term cost savings and minimises the environmental impact.


New ideas & finding solutions.

We are proud to say that the British are at the forefront with innovation and design especially in the Equestrian trade where more new products have been designed, tested and brought to the market than any other country.

Short Lead Time

Accurate & minimal lead times

There is a much greater security of supply when buying British.  Lead times from products abroad can take months, mostly due to transporting back to the UK.  However a British manufacturer can give a much more accurate delivery time, as the product is in there factory from start to finish and there is only delivery in the UK to account for.

British Economy

Taking responsibility to support growth

Although this is an enormous subject it is also a very important one.  Increasing British manufacturing is critical to this country’s economic recovery and growth.  Reports show that manufacturing currently makes significant contribution to the economy.  Buying British goods will help:

  • British employment
  • Retain British skills
  • Provide fair wages for British workers and good working conditions
  • Aid economic growth in the local and national community
  • Contribute to future prosperity

Environmental Impact

Buying British can boost environmental efforts

British manufacturing is greener than importing. There is less transportation involved and an invariably tighter regulation as far as environmental impact is concerned. This reduces the carbon footprint as a whole but further aids the economy as the Carbon Tax payments are reduced.

Reputation / National and Regional Pride

Support Britain’s leading reputation, benefit from peace of mind

Britain has a superb reputation for great design and well-made products.  Britain has numerous highly skilled individuals with unique talents that we run the risk of losing.  Buying British supports this home-grown talent or we may see valuable skills diminish.

Increased demand for British-designed and made products will lead to employment opportunities as well providing grass-root training to retain skills.

British-made products mean you can be assured that your product has been produced in an environment that is fully compliant with UK Employment and Health and Safety laws, using materials that are certified both for safety and sustainability.


It these things are important to you, make a positive decision to buy more British products.

Great British Tack Shop makes it easy to find and buy British-made equestrian products.  Everything in our shop is guaranteed to be manufactured in Great Britain meaning fantastic benefits for the buyer.