Quality in the Equine Industry

The Great British Tack Shop is committed to British manufactured products because at the heart of our values, we believe these products to be superior as well as supporting a thriving, diverse and innovative industry.  All of the brands that we work with are committed to the highest standards and quality products as well as excelling in customer service.


Founder Sarah Leverett says:


"Quality is core to everything we do; the British manufacturing, the equine products we represent and the service we deliver."


There are a number of quality standards which are important to us and the industry.


General Standards:


ISO 9001:

A quality assurance for the product as well as the company; This includes quality of employees, customer service and process.


Horse Feed Quality Standards:



This is a voluntary scheme which independently verifies that companies are meeting the minimum UK and EU legislation concerning food. It is based on HACCP principals and is compliant with the international standard, EN45011.



Recognises manufacturers who ensure due diligence is taken to reduce the risk of contamination with Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS). The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) introduced the code in 2009. .



Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) ensures high quality in the ingredients used and the production methods when manufacturing feeds. This includes for example no cross contamination and full traceability.



The global standard to measure the storage and distribution of packed dried herbs which provides standardisation criteria for manufacturers and protection for the consumer.


Safety is paramount and the standards in place to ensure quality are to protect the consumer and their safety.


Riding Hats Standards:


BHS Standards:

The following are those recognised and in place for ensured quality of riding hats:

PAS 015; ASTM F1163; BSEN 1384; EN1384 and SNELL E2001 

More information can be found at BETA http://www.beta-uk.org/media/safety/download/BETA%20Guide%20to%20Riding%20Hats%20A5%202%20pager%20to%20go%20as%20insert%20in%20nehellip.pdf


CE Mark:

All riding hats in compliance with the above standards will be stamped with the CE mark.


 Kite Mark:

This is associated with products which are fully compliant with the relevant British Standards. It also provides quality assurances with external verification.


Hi-Vis Standards:


The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) has introduced a set of standards for hi-vis (high visibility). The certification scheme ensures compliance of EN471 (2003) and EN2047 (2013). This is both for safety, quality and to provide clarity for riders over the different garments available for riders and horses.


Show Jumps:

Quality standards ensure the weight which jumps can withstand. For example, up to 260KG of weight is accredited by BS EN 14183:2003E.


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