Aqueos – Safe Cleaning For Horses

With owners being constantly vigilant against diseases such as strangles, finding a disinfectant that works effectively to stop the spread of infection is like finding gold under your pillow from the tooth fairy. However, there’s a British product on the market that claims to do just that.  Aqueos claims to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses in seconds, plus it carries on working after application.


About Aqueos

The brain child of Tracy Richards, the brand started to take shape in 2011. As with any new product, creating and testing was crucial to begin with, and with a yard of animals at home, Tracy was able to develop the range quickly, leading to DEFRA approval for general orders. The product is based on a revolutionary scientific procedure that makes a water-based disinfectant free from alcohol or bleach. It’s eco-friendly and is produced not just for horses, but for dogs, hens – even alpacas! It’s thought to kill 99.999 per cent of bacteria, fungi and virus, in a solution as safe as distilled water. Although you don’t need to appreciate the science to benefit from the product, it’s always interesting to know what is behind the product you are committing to. Aqueos is based on a unique blending method that combines biocides to enable them to work together in tiny amounts in a highly stable agent. By also disrupting the surface tension of the treated area, it also makes it harder for new organisms to attach and multiply, hence giving long-lasting properties. Based on new technique used in dentist disinfectant, Tracy has successfully applied it to the animal market. The brand has been developed and manufactured in Britain and the company is keen to continue in the same vein.

The Aqueos Range

The product range currently stands at 28, covering horses and dogs. One product the firm is particularly proud of is the Spray Plaster for both horses and dogs, which won an award for Best Pet Care product in the National Pets and Aquatic Trade Show. With over 170 other new products, the competition was stiff, but the innovation of the Spray Plaster clearly impressed the judges.


Aqueos Products

As the name implies, it can be sprayed directly onto animals and provides a barrier against water, dirt and infection seeping into small wounds. It has similar properties to a physical plaster, being elastic and breathable and waterproof. Other products include:

Antibacterial horse shampoo, Antibacterial tack cleaner, Hand sanitiser, Stable disinfectant, Equine dental instrument cleaner, Equine dental mouthwash, Spray plaster, Wound & skin – infection control spray

Antibacterial shampoo, Canine disinfectant, Disinfectant wipes

Poultry disinfectant

Product Benefits

To many, one of the most important benefits is that this product is safe. With no bleach or alcohol, and the safety of distilled water, this product won’t irritate. Other benefits include:

  • Fast reacting – works within 30 seconds of contact

  • Gentle to the skin

  • Long lasting

  • Works effectively against bacteria, viruses and fungi, including strangles and ringworm

  • Easy to use

  • Shampoos also clean your horse, leaving greys white!

  • Safe for human contact

  • Cost effective

  • British made and manufactured

Who Uses The Aqueos Range

Although a relatively new product, it already has the backing of some well-known names, plus up-and-coming competition riders. One of the brand ambassadors is eventer Kitty King, who won a silver for the British team at the European Championships in Scotland.

Aqueos Kitty King

Another event rider is local to the business’ headquarters, Chelsea Pearce. The company works closely with Greatwood Racehorse Charity, supplying them with a number of sanitising products. The shampoo is also loved by Arbon Show Team. Great British Tack Shop are huge advocates of British products and are delighted to support Tracy and Aqueos as their business goes from strength to strength. Who could resist a UK product that promises so much, safely?

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