Horse Owner Winter Essentials

The nights have begun to drawn in and before long the heating will be on! The wet, cold weather can make caring for your horse hard work but it can be made easier when you are prepped with the right clothing and equipment. Beat the elements with our horse owner winter essentials guide.


Horse riding glovesEssential to keeping warm in the cold months are layers. When caring for your horse, it is also important you are able to move around easily and stay warm and dry. Start with a thermal base layer top and ensure it is long enough to be tucked in. Layer with a close fitting jumper followed by a gilet or waterproof coat depending on the conditions. At Great British Tack Shop we can help you get kitted out. Our thermal underbreeches are a great addition to your winter clothing. A BOBhat protects both your head and ears from the cold and is easy to remove from under hat when out riding.

“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes”

As well as keeping your core warm, it's important not to forget your extremities! Hands can be incredibly susceptible to cold when working outdoors so it's important that you find a pair that work for you in both allowing to you be efficient in your duties without having to remove them but also keep warm. The Spring Rider gloves from Chester Jeffries are a great choice from riding to everyday livery yard duties.  Keep feet warm on the yard with thermal socks inside your boots or wellingtons and finish off with some faux fur boot liners for extra protection from the elements

Yard Duties

In the depths of winter, it can begin to get dark as early as 4.30pm. As the nights draw in, it can help to have an established routine for your livery yard duties. Keep to a regular time to tend to your horse and kit yourself out with a good quality head torch to keep mucking out as straightforward as possible. As well as keeping warm yourself, ensure your horse stays comfortable when temperature plummet; take a look at run down of bedding choices to consider here. For an extra luxury in the winter months, fill a thermos flask with a warming drink to take to the yard.

Horse riding in winter
With our run down of essentials, you can be sure that your winter will go as ‘warmly’ as possible! At Great British Tack Shop we are passionate about British made, quality products for you and your horse. Check out why you should buy British. For any questions about our products or if you would like to work with us, contact us today