Committed to bringing you the best quality equestrian products manufactured in Great Britain with superior customer service & cutting edge innovation

Where it all began …

I have lived on a dairy farm for many years and together with my family and friends, have always felt very strongly about British produce being the number one choice, especially as most of us have been responsible for putting food produce on tables across the country. Because of this, I have always been drawn to supporting British manufactured products, as well as supporting local businesses.

British manufactured products provide superior quality and are renowned for leading the way with innovation, so you know you are always buying the best. Within the equestrian industry, there are so many supporters for British made products, people like Zara Phillips and Carl Hester, and they know their stuff! It is hard to find a reason not to support British.

But, when I came to kit out my horse in entirely British manufactured gear, what I thought would be pretty straightforward turned into a challenge – why was this so difficult? What I realised was that it was difficult to find products made in Britain to begin with, and when I did, there was no REAL guarantee that they were entirely manufactured in Britain. Luckily I am very tenacious but it is easy to see why others looking for the same thing would give up!

On my journey, I discovered a lot about British manufacturers, and the more I knew, the more I liked. So I decided that it would actually be a disservice for me not to bring them all together onto one platform so that everyone can buy British products in complete confidence that their origin is guaranteed. But, as well as this, it became apparent that there isn’t as much support for smaller businesses within the industry, often the most unique and innovative. So I have also focused on this in Great British Tack Shop.

The result?

A website where you can learn about British made products, where you can buy British made products and you can rest assured that they are British made, the highest quality and the most innovative in the marketplace.

The future

I am looking to work with local businesses, start-ups and  the most innovative people in the industry to make sure they can be represented and showcase their quality and creativity.  There is a fantastic number of new opportunities to explore and I am very excited.

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